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Me and Priscilla the Chastity the female archangel in my soul were both raped again many times outside West Palm Beach,Florida when we slept.

The Holy Bible calls you a dog oh you crazy prostitutes.You beasts called 666 including your dogs called prostitutes all raped us again and tried to turn us into a woman last night when I am a dark-skinned U.S. Republican citizen.
Your dumb ass prostitute Nanette Gonzalez that was our ex-wife tried to take all you stupid criminals including you niggers,and you other dogs again to paradise using me,Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr., as her husband. I would of stayed married to Nanette "Nyna" Gonzalez if she stopped committing adultery says I,Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr.,.
We gave our ex-wife Nanette Gonzalez a chance to make it to paradise or heaven if she was our wife before we divorced her.

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I have to find another place to go swimming in the morning because Hollywood North Beach Park is filled with so many white Americans that do illegal drugs.

We were molested again and raped by God called Jehovah and LORD. The Jehovah's Witnesses keep following me so many times, and the Jehovah's Witnesses keep raping us when we slept last night and this morning. That fat male nigger working for Publix also raped me last night when I slept.Thay fat stupid nigger that use to work in the customer service of Publix.

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All you Christians including you Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide all worship Satan the Devil and raped us so many times again when we slept last night and awoke before 12:00 AM in August 12,2017.Your prostitutes like that criminal Nanette Gonzalez that so many of you raped so many times before we married her spiritually and not legally says we,Archbishop Rev.Dr.Yanel Jay Laroche (R.D.) The Rock Doctor,never liked us holy black non-Christian clergyman obeying the U.S. law.

As Of August 12,2017, We Are Non-Christian Ministers of Righteousness

We are no longer Christians, but still ordained through Chaplain Br. Martin we say at Universal Life Church Ministries as of today on August 12,2017 in U.S.A..

You cursed niggers,you cursed Floridians, you cursed 666 Jehovah's Witnesses, you cursed nigger 666 BCT BUS DRIVERS AND THE REST OF ALL YOU CRIMINALS AND ALL YOU BCT BUS DRIVERS THAT ARE ALL 666 AND CURSED RAPISTS ALL raped us again at West Regional Terminal and stole from us when we slept again.

Stupid niggers with their baby boarded the BCT ROUTE 12# 0505. And that racist male gay nigger BCT BUS DRIVER made us, Rev.Dr.Yanel J. Laroche Jr. & Priscilla the Chastity, sit somewhere else.CURSE ALL OF YOU RACIST 666 BCT NIGGER BUS DRIVERS!

We,Yanel Jay Laroche Jr.,that are God's Woman were raped again when we slept at 2403 Lee Street in Hollywood the city in the state of Florida with the zip code 33020.We all awoke around 1:46 am oh Yanou the male archangel in our soul with God's Woman called Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. that was also raped like us, The Angelic Warriors,oh Yanou the male archangel in Archbishop Yanel Jay Laroche Jr. and Gabriella's soul that were also raped,harassed,mocked,ridiculed,by scoffers also called animalistic men in the Holy Bible at Jude 18,19. Amen says I,The Amen. I never liked you dead ones that were never born.